Android O Confirmed To Named As Android 8.0

According to a recent statement, the next update version of Android – Android O – will be version 8.0 of the Android operating system. During Google I/O 2017 conferences, there are several of Google’s screenshots, which showed the time at 8:00, which is seemingly one way to tease the next version number.

Google seems to play around with the speculative minds, especially with public screenshots. Furthermore, the fourth Android N Developer Preview comes with the name of “Namey McNameFace” in the Easter Egg.

This comes from a breakdown of the files of the Google Photos and Google Keep APKs that was released from June 1st. Inside the Android Manifest file of the last Google Photos and Google Keep APKs also directly referred to Android 8.0. When comparing this to other Google apps that are built, it also target to API level 26, such as version 1.24 of the Android Pay app rolled out on June 2nd.


The Android Manifest files of the latest updates of Google apps have been found some other references to Android 8.0. The popular apps including Gboard, Gmail, Google App, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and many more are all mentioned with “O” because of their platformBuildVersionName and the target at API level 26. Even though the Gboard test version released to users on the Play Store recently has used “O” as the platformBuildVersionName, it’s unclear whether the Google Photos and Google Keep apps have this string. So it’s possible that Google will to unveil this information soon. Until now, there is information that the Android O is in fact Android 8.0.

Moreover, most people are guessing that the upcoming version will be named as Android Oreo, but Google always makes us surprise us all with their choice in the end.

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