Android Wear 2.0 To Hit ZenWatch 3 This Month

Coming back to February, along with the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport launches, Google rolled out Android Wear 2.0 version. At that time, Google also claimed that the new update would soon be available for supported hardware. However, it was not until April Google and other OEMs started releasing the new update to the supported devices. While almost supported watches have already been tasted Android Wear 2.0, there are still some devices that have not yet to get the Android Wear 2.0 update.

The smartwatches are still waiting for the update includes ASUS ZenWatch 3, ZenWatch 2 and Moto 360 Sport. As for ZenWatch 3 & 2, the timeframe for the Wear 2.0 update was in early Q2 but it failed to deliver.

However, according to post of official ASUS Germany Twitter account, the final build of Android Wear 2.0 for the ZenWatch 3 is currently being tested and it will be rolled out to the device soon. About the update of the ZenWatch 2, ASUS said that the model (WI501Q) would get the Wear 2.0 update this month while the 1.46″ model (WI502Q) could receive the update in August. According to the ASUS Germany ZenWatch support page, the Wear 2.0 will exactly start rolling out to the ZenWatch 3 devices starting July 4th.

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Although it’s not clear if ASUS will be able to deliver on the timeline, the OTA update has certainly failed multiple “deadlines” blurted out by ASUS support accounts, which makes users frustrated. The ZenWatch 3 was specifically targeted to as a higher-end affordable Wearable watch, and many customers had good feedback for it. So, if you are owning a supported ZenWatch smartwatch, check for the Wear 2.0 update in the coming weeks and let’s know the new features of the updates in the comment below.

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