Automatically Turn On Wi-Fi Near Saved Networks on Android O

Being pinned with the Wi-Fi preferences tab in the Settings on Android O is a new feature, which will likely be useful for those who often turn on and off their Wi-Fi connection. The feature now allows the Android O users to preset the Wi-Fi connection so that when your device is near to a ‘saved network’, it will automatically turn on Wi-Fi.

Although this is just a new feature, it can solve a problem that many Android device owners are facing. For examples, if you often turn off Wi-Fi when away from a home or go out to both save battery consumption and avoid your device searching for a Wi-Fi network and you also often forget to re-enable it when you reach home, then this feature will help you solve that problem. You will no longer have to navigate to Settings to turn your Wi-Fi back on as before. Once the feature is enabled, and once your device is in the area of a saved network, it will simply enable Wi-Fi again and reconnect to the known network as you do it manually.

Although the feature is listed in the Settings menu at present, it does not seem to be active. So even if your device is now running on the developer preview of Android O, you cannot turn the feature on yet, which probably means that Google plans to bring the feature in the upcoming developer previews or make it as part of the final rollout of Android O. However, with any feature currently offered in a developer preview, it is possible that the feature will not be integrated into the final release of Android O. Therefore, the feature might not be available for you to take advantage of. In either case, the setting can be displayed by going into the Settings menu on Android O, then tap on ‘Network & Internet’, select ‘Wi-Fi’ and finally locate it near the bottom as opening the ‘Wi-Fi preferences’ tab.

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