Battle Between Two Beasts: Xiaomi Mi6 and Samsung Galaxy S8

After a lot of expectations, Xiaomi finally launched its latest flagship – the Mi 6 to the public and the battle between Xiaomi and Samsung has been more intensive. The Mi can be seen as an affordable version of Galaxy S8, so we decided to make a comparison between the two devices regarding specifications and features in this post.

We’ll start with the display. The Samsung Galaxy S8 features 5.8-inch QHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity display with dual curved edges and bezel-less design at the front, while the Xiaomi Mi 6 just comes with a 5.15-inch IPS LCD FullHD display, which is a minus regarding the current display trend.

Coming on to the chipset, both phones are powered by the latest and strongest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is claimed to save 25 percent energy over its  processors. Also, multitasks such as playing 3D games, recording high-resolution videos, are 30 percent faster on the Snapdragon 835. The chipset supports QuickCharge 4.0 technology that saves the phone from overheating.

In terms of hardware specifications, the Mi 6 amazingly features 6GB of RAM while the Galaxy S8 just comes with 4GB of RAM (there is also a special edition with 6GB of RAM, but it is limited and only in China). Both flagships run Android 7.0 Nougat with their custom UIs on top. In the camera department, the Xiaomi Mi 6 comes equipped dual 12MP sensors with 4-axis optical image stabilization (OIS), 4K video recording capability, and dual-tone LED flash, which is similar to Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. On the front of the Mi 6 is an 8MP selfie camera. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 features a 12MP ‘Dual Pixel’ camera at the back with OIS, autofocus, and a big f/1.7 aperture along with an 8MP selfie snapper.

As for connectivity, the Galaxy S8 comes with Samsung’s exclusive NFC that supports Samsung Pay, while the Mi 6 also supports NFC for Xiaomi’s own Mi-Pay service. Although Xiaomi’s Mi 6 is not integrated the personal virtual assistant like the “Bixby” assistant on Samsung Galaxy S8 that works similarly Siri and Cortana, the Mi 6 buyers can use Google Assistant as it is compatible with any devices running from Android 6.0 and above. Two highlight features presented on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which miss on Mi 6 are iris scanner, and facial recognition.

Finally, in the battery department, the Mi 6 is powered by a huge 3500mAh battery with fast charging support while this figure on Galaxy S8 is just 3000mAh, but the device supports for both wireless and fast charging.

In conclusion, the Galaxy S8 owns better specifications, but its price tag is not really affordable, while the Mi 6 competes with S8 at half of the amount of it.

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