BBM Enterprise SDK Launched for Both Android and iOS

BlackBerry has made a big transition over the past few years because the company lost its position in the smartphone market. Blackberry discontinued making phones entirely, instead the company licensed out its brand to various OEMs with TCL being the main manufacture at this time. BlackBerry’s BBM service is the big reason to keep people still used Blackberry phones, but now it’s available as an independent app from Apple, Google and even Amazon.

They’ve even started to pay attention at the enterprise market, as they realized that the security is a big pie to earn money as well as keep their data secure. And yesterday, the company launched a new SDK that allows developers to embed BlackBerry’s messaging service inside of the Android and iOS apps. Although it’s still in the beta progress, it is now available for developers to make changes.

As the name implies for the enterprise market, so use the BBM Enterprise SDK devs will need to pay $29 per year. Moreover, if you want to use the service to place voice and video calls, the price will be $70 per user per year. The company hopes this will help them compete with Twilio, a popular cloud communications platform as a service that many of you must know.

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Although the BlackBerry BBM Enterprise SDK is currently not for everyone, it can help certain businesses implement messaging functionality easily into their apps easily. This allows them to pay attention at other parts of the app and can guarantee that the communication aspect is kept in the secure. We’ll need to wait and see if the service is good enough to stand firm in the rest of the market. How about you? What do you think about the BBM Enterprise SDK? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.

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