BlackBerry To Introduce A New Version Of Its Secure Android OS

BlackBerry is staying behind in the smartphone area duopoly between Apple and Samsung. Back two years ago in 2015 when the company first announced its Android-powered smartphone while other Android OEMs have already had at least five to six models of flagships. After that, they had to collaborate with various hardware manufacturers to remain the BlackBerry brand and then they reoriented the target to providing BlackBerry software for Android users.


The former has been worked out well and even it has recently signed a 10-year brand licensing deal with Optiemus in India, which allows the Delhi-based company to design, manufacture, and sell devices using the BlackBerry brand. Moreover, it already has similar partnerships with BB Merah Putih of Indonesia and TCL (probably a better famous partnership for the global market. On the other hand, the company has also been limited to Google Play Store, but things are seemingly changing.

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ETTelecom recently says that BlackBerry is working to roll out BlackBerry Secure, which is an Android version with BlackBerry-developed security features. As for the online posts, the Canadian company is currently talking with various hardware manufacturers to get licensing agreements for the upcoming OS version. According to Alex Thurber, the company’s Senior Vice President of Mobility Solutions, the company has a number of different contracts that they are working on right now. So, we hope it will be announced soon.

Besides the licensing deal, Android OEMs will be able to pre-install their devices with a modified version of Android, including all the features made by BlackBerry. Furthermore, the BlackBerry Securer’s launch could bring the huge potential for the Enterprise of Things (EoT), in which BlackBerry has been interested for a long time.

Do you like the BlackBerry Secure? Would you buy a phone pre-installed with the company’s security features? Let’s know in the comment below.

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