Brings Android O’s Adaptive Icons to Android 5.0+

When Google introduced Android O, they mentioned a feature that can bring Android O’s icons on your smartphone or tablet running lower Android version. They are called Adaptive Icons and it’s similar to the custom layouts of other OEMs in the past. There is now a new app, called Adapticons, which can make application icons look similar on Android 5.0+ devices. Using this app, you can set custom icons on your home screen with a range of different styles.

Because the other features are designed for Android O, Adaptive Icons will be only used on the devices running the new update. So, bringing this feature to Android 5.0+ devices is the major benefit of the Adapticons app. Although the developer warns that the support for Android O is possible, it’s not as simple as older Android versions. Thankfully, the developer has offered three different ways for Android O users to set custom icons.

This app is also similar to another popular solution, called Materialize. Although they share the similarities, the developer added their own twist to approach. To getting started, you need to open the Adapticons app and will see a list of applications and games installed on your device. Tap on any app and choose 3 different icon shapes as your liking.

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You can also manually adjust the size and position of the icon itself while adjusting the rotation of the icon mask itself. Moreover, you can pick out a color for the icon mask, change that app icon, and even set a custom title under it, or make it grayscale. With only in-app purchase $1, you will be able to unlock the full application as well as add support for icon packs, import icons from the gallery, removes ads, and especially allow you to customize a number of icons at the same time.

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