Chrome 61 Stable Launched For Desktop With Security Fixes

Google is rolling out the stable Chrome 61 version with the security fixes, and improvements so that the browser can run more smoothly. The new improvements come with the support for the WebUSB API, which enables the support for a variety of USB devices that are not usually used with web apps. The USB accessories are designed for industrial or education use, and work as intended with a web app because keyboards have had the support.

Another new improvement in this build is the support for the PaymentRequest API, which was introduced in the beta Chrome 61 version that for desktop in the middle of August. The PaymentRequest API is designed to support mobile payments right on the web apps and websites like the way mobile payment apps are doing, which will make it simpler for consumers when they buy things online. Moreover, developers can also create simple checkout experiences with the help of this API and bring them to across various platforms that can use Chrome as a browser.

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In addition to the improvements, this new build also comes with the noteable fixes that Google has made to its browser to patch up security risks. It includes a buffer overflow for WebGL, a memory lifecycle issue in PDFium, and more than 22 security fixes in all that Google integrated in this stable rollout for Chrome 61 version

For normal users, although this update does not come with changes in layout or new feasible features to notice, the improvements and fixes will bring the benefits to the end users in a roundabout way. On its latest post, Google says that the rollout of the stable Chrome 61 version for desktop is making its way to users, but it will need several  several days and weeks to hit all desktops, so you should not be disappointed if your Chrome version has not yet to get the update immediately.

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