Essential Phone Now Available In the United States

After a long delay, the Essential Phone has already been announced its official launch date. Andy Rubin talked about the phone and a number of headlines immediately grabbed it. It’s not the first time as there is a device coming from one of the people who created the Android operating system. He showed a hands-on look at the device as well as about his plans with the platform in an interview with Walt Mossberg.

Moreover, Mr. Rubin is developing a phone and then an ecosystem around it, including Essential Home and Essential 360 Camera. Besides, he also set up a range of smart home products around his house. The setup is beyond impressive and he found the difficulty in getting these devices connected and working together. That explains why the Essential Home is built on its own custom operating system.

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Smartphone is becoming the center of the society, so that is why the Essential Phone is being worked. Mr Ruby has prepared a big plan for this technology and it might be hard for a 100-person team to pull off. Some think that this launch has put it very close to the upcoming flagship smartphones such as the LG V30, Galaxy Note 8, or Nokia 8 and it can make company disappointed when it starts the sales.

The yesterday’s email sent to those who pre-registered said that  Essential Products has finally released the Essential Phone. From today, the device goes on sale the company’s own website, Sprint and Best Buy. The unlocked version on Essential’s website stops at $700, or you can choose $50 per month plan, but only for a limited time and receive an Essential 360 Camera.

The company also mentioned that they are planning to release a new wireless accessory after the next few months like the Camera 360, and it is also compatible with the Essential Home.

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