Get $300 From Sony If You Have Xperia Phones And Tablets

Sony Xperia brand is not too popular in the US, but if you own a Sony-made device in the US, you might have chance to get a $300 reimbursement. Sony used to advertise its smartphones coming with the “waterproof” ability. The phones like the Xperia Z1, Z2 are equipped the IP58 standard, which means they could be immersed in 1.5 meters of freshwater for 30 minutes. But instead of the waterproof, they are technically water-resistant. The problem just arose when Sony stated that their devices could take photos underwater. Naturally, Xperia owners that thought their devices had the waterproof feature were taken aback after taking some underwater shots and they realized  their phones stopped working.  After that, some of them filed an action suit against Sony for the misleading advertisement. After the legal battle for over one year, the US District Court has accepted an agreement between Sony and the plaintiffs.

If you are owning a Xperia phone that was still in warranty until August 3, you will automatically receive a warranty extension. Sony is offering a limited warranty for 12 additional months for damage from water intrusion. Furthermore, if you previously bought a water-related warranty for your Xperia device, but were previously rejected by Sony, you could receive $300. You can check Page 113 of this document to check the eligible sum for each device.

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According to the explanations in the Court document, the preliminary agreement is invalid and the Court also denies any portion of the settlement, and Sony will be able to terminate the agreement if the total number and valid requests for exclusion are greater than 1.5 percent of the putative class members. The Final Order should be issued this December and it might come with the final changes. However, if you think you are eligible now, you can submit your claim form until January 30, 2018.

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