Google Chrome Home Receives A Redesigned New Tab Page

Google is working hard to bring new features to the most popular Internet browser in the world: Chrome. Although most new features will need a few months before reaching to most users, users can test new features by enabling experimental flags in chrome://flags. The “Chrome Home” feature is a visual overhaul of Chrome’s user interface. When the flag is turned on, the address bar will be transferred to the bottom of the screen.

Google has previously updated Chrome Home with more enhancements. The feature offers quick access to recently opened tabs, downloads, bookmarks, and history. The experimental Chrome Home layout has become the default setup.

The major difference with this change is that launching a new tab now covers the existing tabs on top. This turns the new tab page interface into a card carousel like the interface looks. This change has only rolled out in the Chrome Canary builds. You can enable it by enabling the Chrome Home flag and then the Chrome Home NTP Redesign flag.

However, this change won’t retain an experiment longer as the recently latest nightly build of Chromium for Android also includes the Chrome Home NTP Redesign and removes the flag from chrome://flags.

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Finally, the Chrome Home Expand Button is just a minor change as it is an icon to the address bar. When you press on it, the bottom bar will be expanded. So if you are using the browser one-handed and would not be convenient to swipe up to access the address bar, this may be useful.

Those notable changes are now being included in beta builds of the Chrome browser. We’ll continue keeping a lookout for more interesting features in Chrome flags that are making their way into the most popular Internet browser in the world.

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