Google Home Supports Hands-Free Calling, Proactive Assistance, Visual Responses

Google I/O is bringing interesting features for the fans of Google products and services and it’s quite surprising as the Google Home got a whole bunch of new features that absolutely makes owner of the product interested. Here are some typical new features supporting Google Home

Hands-Free Calling

The hands-free voice calling will now support Google Home in the U.S and Canada for free. This feature does not require you to set up anything. You just need to do a few steps to use your personal number as the outgoing number to distinguish between contacts.

Proactive Assistance

If you own the Google Home, all of you know that it is powered by the Google Assistant, a personal assistant. Google is currently working on having the Google Home share information with you. The Google Home will now inform you important messages when you ask for them. For instance, if Google Assistant notices you a calendar event coming up that you noted before, the Google Home will light up and remind you to leave soon. You can also select the types of proactive notifications that you want to hear.

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More Audio and Video Services

The Google Home also receives the support of Spotify’s free music service, SoundCloud, and Deezer for the services of audio. In the time coming, HBO Now will also support for the Google Home.

Bluetooth Audio Support

Being unveiled in a form of APK file for the Google Home app, the app will allow modifying the Bluetooth properties of certain devices. Today, the Bluetooth radio, which was previously disabled, will now be available for Google Home users to cast audio.

Visual Responses to Google Home

Sometimes when you ask Google Home something, it gives you more information for you to choose. Once you asked the Google Home, there will be a visual pop-up showing the answer to your query. The Google Home will also support visual responses.

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