Google Might Launch Google Assistant Headphones

According to a recent report, Google is rumored to be launching a pair of headphones that supports Google Assistant, which will allow people to take advantage of the digital assistant functions via the headphones. There will be a range of features that Google integrates in these headphones, including spoken notifications and the capability to respond by voice, and the other general tasks you can do with Assistant such as asking Assistant questions and replying to the answers.

Furthermore, the headphones will also provide tips on how to talk to Google Assistant if you aren’t sure the commands or questions talking with the virtual assistant. If you are wearing the headphones, but of you are not sure what you are saying, the headphones will then offer some clarity. The headphones are also expected to come with a physical Google Assistant button so that you can quickly activate it for asking a question or giving a command. This allows users to either activate Google Assistant through voice when their hands are not free, or hit a hard button if they have a free hand and would rather do it this way instead. However, the headphones would not be the first device to come with a physical Google Assistant key since Chromebooks already had such a key for a while.

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Pressing this button only enables Google Assistant in case you want to reply with a voice response that follows Assistant’s initial answer. All of this information has recently been spotted in the code of the latest Google build, suggesting that it’ll allow users to setup the headphones to configure certain aspects of the device. Until now, there is no word on the launch date for these headphones, as well as the price tag, but it is likely that Google could introduce them at the next event this the Fall, where a new Chromebook Pixel and a Google Home mini speaker are launched as well.

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