Grab 9 RPG Games Worth $73 For Only $5

Great news for RPG game fans, you can now grab three RPG games for only $1 and nine games for just $5, thanks to  the new KEMCO x HyperDevbox Humble Bundle.

If you are looking for the new mobile games with a really cheap price,  there is currently a three-tiered promotion right now from Humble Bundle, KEMCO, and HyperDevbox, including  common games like Bonds of the Skies, ExZeus 2, and Spectral Souls.

The way it works is also very simple. If you pay $1 and more, you get three games, including Generation of Chaos, Chronus Arc Premium, and Bonds of the Skies Premium. If spend more money than the average price (currently $4.74), you get six in total, including the aforementioned three games, and Cross Hearts Arcadia, ExZeus 2, and Crystareino Premium. But especially, if you pay for $5 or more, you can unlock the top tier offering Blazing Souls Accelate, Spectral Souls, and Legna Tactica along with the other six.

According to the explanation, you are welcomed to pay more as possible as you want (more than $5). After a part of your money will be donated to developers. Once you decide on the total amount you’d like to pay, you can opt how much of your money to each organization.

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There are only some of these games that are premium versions on the Play Store, and all games in this bundle are completely free. Not only these some of the best JRPGs are going on sale for just a few bucks, but you will also receive the support at the same time. Is it good enough reason to get this deal? Until now, there have been more than 1,200 purchases with the total payment around $5,700. You will have the next 13 days to decide if you want to get this bundle. However, you can currently click here to visit the official website for more information.

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