Hand-On Images of Galaxy S8 Active

Besides the standard and plus models of S lineup, the S active models is also famous for the phone lineups that can survive from any drop. The rugged devices are often compatible with people who work in situations where the device can be mishandled. Previous models in the Active lineup still remains some semblance to their S-series siblings because Samsung has created the style for the main S-lineup in recent years. But with the new design on the duo Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ as it features a new minimal bezel and curved screen approach, many people are eager to see the appearance of the S8 Active phone. And now after a long wait, the first set of live images has allegedly shown the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

These images show off a thread in the Galaxy S8 subreddit, but the thread with its videos have been removed. However, as it had been made online, the images have popped up.

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As you can see, the Galaxy S8 Active comes with a flat display panel like the previous S Active models. It’s understandable as Samsung ditches the curved sides in a more rugged build. However, unlike its predecessors, intead of the physical keys, the S8 Active sports capacitive keys for navigation. The Bixby button is also brought into the S8 line. The double SIM card holders with the hybrid one for the microSD card slot is placed on the back side. The device is expected to be made of polycarbonate and covered by metallic sides, which would be comfortable while handling the device; a contrast to the fragility of the S8 siblings.

The S8 Active, of course, would absolutely be thicker than the S8 and S8+, because of its larger 4000mAh battery. Other rest of its specifications is expected to be mostly similar to the Galaxy S8. The S8 Active is rumored to be provided by AT&T, but the leaked images did not mention the carrier on the hardware.

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