HTC Introduces New VR Headdset In China

HTC Vive division has just released a new standalone VR headset. However, it is not the Daydream-powered headset, which was previously launched by HTC and Google in the recently Google I/O 2017. Instead, this new handset is only for the HTC Vive portfolio in China. At present, this headset represents as the first of the Vive headsets for the mobile platform.

Although there is a highly chance this headset will be identical to make available globally as a Daydream-powered headset does, the main HTC Vive (non-standalone) headset is still different. The new version takes advantage of HTC’s Viveport platform for the content, while the Daydream version will not have access to Viveport. The commonalities between the two models is apparent, which is similar to the upcoming Daydream-supported version. The new China-based model is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 mobile VR platform.

That also means that its Snapdragon VR reference design and standalone VR technology is making its way to a Viveport-powered headset. This new VR handset is marked an expansion beyond a variety of third-party manufacturers, who have reportedly registered to use the same technology for their Daydream-powered headsets. Adding weight to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile VR platform’s stance do not require  either a PC or a smartphone to function.

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Besides their mobility, one of the worthy points on offer with standalone headsets is their affordability. Without the need for adding hardware to function, these standalone units will come with a more affordable price point over the traditional VR headsets.

However, HTC has not confirmed the pricing of the Vive Standalone VR headset yet, or the launch date for Chinese market. Instead, HTC seemingly has announced that this new model is coming, and doing so is actually reaching out to VR developers who are fond of working on the standalone headsets.

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