Huawei Trademarks App for Huawei 4D Touch

The Chinese smartphone manufacture, Huawei has registered a trademark app for “Huawei 4D Touch,” which was submitted to the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) on June 9th before any trademark is granted. Although there is no info on the MyIPO website that unveils any specific details, the name of the trademark is supposed to relate to some kind of technology for the interactions with the smartphone display.

Huawei was the first OEM to integrate the pressure sensitive touch tech into smartphones with its Huawei Mate S released in 2015. Although this tech only appeared on the expensive Mate S models, it still allowed users to accomplish various tasks by hard pressing into the display. After that Apple learned this tech to bring the Force Touch on its Apple Watch, MacBook’s trackpad which then became a regular on iPhones/iPads under the name 3D Touch. Now Huawei is seemingly doing something bigger and better the smartphones. We cannot imagine what exactly the smartphones will be when Huawei adds the 4D Touch tech but according to the listing, the trademark will be compatible with all gadgets with displays of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computers, and others. However, it’s unclear how many of these devices will get the benefits of the 4D Touch technology.

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Currently, there are a few OEMs coming up with different solutions to interact with their devices. The recent HTC U11 comes with ‘HTC Edge Sense’ feature, which allows users to do tasks like opening the camera by pressing slightly on the side frames of the phone. Although Huawei was the first manufacture to bring the pressure sensitive display to smartphones, the company never made it mainstream if it is granted the 4D Touch trademark. Some rumors said that Huawei would announce 4D Touch along with the release of Mate 10 but we will have to wait for the time to make sure all these questions are true.

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