LineageOS Updates June Security Patch & More

LineageOS has rolled out a number of changes made its custom ROMs over the past two weeks. LineageOS has added new features, updated the security patch. With the new updates, the LineageOS users can lock certain apps to prevent them from being closed when clearing all apps. To exit the locked apps, you just swipe the app or task to dismiss them. Another new feature in the updates is capable of disabling the lock screen album background. You can now choose if you want to show the album art on the lock screen or not just by toggling the switch. Furthermore, LineageOS has also added the double-tap to sleep feature on lock screens.

Apart from the new features, some of the key features have also been updated. The System web browser has been updated to Chromium 59 with the improvements of Image Capture API, which allows capturing higher resolution images. Besides, the Image Capture API also enables more features like brightness control, zoom, ISO adjustments, and white balance. The Chromium 59 also supports animated PNG format to replace the popular GIF format. The June Android security patches have also been added to improve the security of the Android phones running the custom ROMs.

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Finally, the changelog also lists the new devices supported by the latest build of LineageOS. LineageOS 14.1 version currently supports for the Nexus 9, the Xiaomi Mi 4c, the Xiaomi Mi 5s, the Xiaomi Mi MIX, the Motorola Droid 4 and the Motorola Droid RAZR/RAZR MAXX. Meanwhile, the support for several devices is temporarily not clear. There is only thing sure that LineageOS ROMs will no longer support LG G2. A build has also been available so that developers can make their private builds or continue support for the device.

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