Motorola Working On A Tablet With ‘Productivity Mode’

Android tablets were quite popular in the tablet market. However, since the screen size of the phones became bigger, the demand for tablets also got smaller, consumers gradually lost their interest in what has ever been considered as an important secondary device. Moreover, major OEMs are also pulling out of the tablet market due to the very low revenue.

The current market for tablets is very poor. Except for a few sporadic launches recently, there really isn’t much hardware options that Android could boast up. Even if you could find a tablet that meets your requirement about hardware, the software is a minus point as it’s unable to give you any additional benefits for the screen size.

However, according to a recent leak, Lenovo-Motorola is intending to make a change for the boring tablet market. The company is working on a new tablet, which will be added some software additions that hopefully bring better utility from the hardware.

As for a leaked screenshot, the image shows a tablet, with the navbar icons placed on the left. The navbar icons are followed by the icons of the App Drawer, Settings app, and Gmail app. The main image highlights with a “Productivity Mode” feature, which might enable switching between the apps by using the icons on the navbar. To close the app, just long press the app icon and then drag it upwards.

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Within the screenshot image, there is nothing more that is ‘confirmed’, but the tablet might feature with a larger size, around 9-10″ in diagonal and will own a premium design. Besides, there will be a version that offers the cellular connection. However, there is no word on the launch time, no more details on the hardware specifications as well as the name yet.

More details of the tablets will become clearer when the device is closer to the launch. For now, you can hope that the company currently takes it upon to fix Android for tablets and bring them back to the orbit.

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