Nest To Launch A 4K Camera But Won’t Actually Record In 4K

According to a rumor, the connected home subsidiary of Alphabet, Nest, is working on a variety of upcoming devices. It sounds pretty interesting. The rumor also says that Nest is having a plan on making a home security camera that supports 4K resolution. However, other rumors claim the camera will only support recording the 1080p resolution.

However, regarding to the latest report, it claims that the Nest’s upcoming security camera will take advantage of its 4K hardware when zooming in on images, and those images will be in 1080p resolution when they are taken. So if this security camera’s sensors are triggered by movement, it will then automatically zoom in on that movement, and the image will be captured at 1080p, zooming in on an image already in 1080p resolution.

In addition, the report also claims that the design for the 4K camera looks like the current Nest Outdoor Camera, but it will be used for only indoor. The report adds that the upcoming camera will be equipped a USB Type-C connection, and an LED ring that will display when it is recording. This upcoming Nest camera will be quite expensive with a price tag at around $300. Regarding to the report, Nest is having plan on an official announcement for the end of this month, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long until the launch of the product.

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Previously an unconfirmed rumor about Nest’s upcoming products also states that the company is still working on several other devices. One a version of its popular smart thermostat could be cheaper, along with another indoor camera that is expected to identify specific people. The same rumors also say that Nest is working on a home alarm system and a digital doorbell.

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