New Leak Reveals Galaxy Note 8’s Camera Features

There were a number of supposed materials relating to the Galaxy Note 8 leaked online in the past week. One of them contains the camera features of Samsung’s flagship smartphone. A number of reports that claim the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a dual camera setup with two arranged imaging sensors and a dual-LED flash unit at the back back panel.


The leak indicates that one of the new features on the Galaxy Note 8 is supposed to be Smart Zoom. This functionality can be easily understood as a 3x optical zoom to enhance with software, which make a lossless zooming solution capable of magnifying an image while still keep both the color and details. Another camera feature of the Galaxy Note 8 is referred to as Refocus. A set of images suggest that the upcoming smartphone will be able to switch focus points in a very quick manner. This particular feature means that the Galaxy Note 8 will come with a telephoto lens and another offers refocusing abilities, though previous reports said that the phone just had two identical camera sensors on its rear plate. Two leaked features on the Galaxy Note 8, including  Background Effect and Perspective View features will let users blur backgrounds in their images as well as change the viewing angle of any images.

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The Galaxy Note 8’s camera sensors is expected to capture more light than those on the Galaxy S8 lineup, as the latest leak specifically shows that the imaging system of the device will feature the cutting-edge HDR support and a Super Night Shot mode. The latter will allows users to capture more light in a given period when comparing to single-lens solutions, which can capture efficient nighttime photography. The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be officially released on August 23 before going on sale at some markets  in September.

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