NVIDIA SHIELD Now Supports Google Play Movies & TV 4K 

Today, an update has been rolled out with the 4K content support for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. Specially, the support for 4K content is available through Google Play Movies & TV, which helps Google’s movie & TV app now in line with the already supported 4K content on the SHIELD such as Amazon Video, Netflix, VUDU. This essentially makes a full closure to an event occurred last year, when Google announced that Google Play Movies & TV allowed you to rent and buy titles in 4K.

However, the Google Play Movies & TV 4K support is not all that receives the offer today, as NVIDIA has also confirmed that the SHIELD Android TV now supports 4K content for the SHIELD owner’s smartphone or tablet, which is a beneficial feature for those who usually take advantages of video apps on their smartphones. Moreover, NVIDIA has launched a comparison, which details the strength of the SHIELD’s 4K third-party app compatibility, when it’s compared to other popular TV streaming boxes, including the Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV, Google’s Chromecast Ultra, Roku devices, to highlight how the SHIELD is now is brilliant when it’s supported 4K content.

Of course, there are now more 4K-compliant SHIELD devices than it was before, but it still only remains as compliant as the rest of the setup. To take the advantage of 4K content fully, you need to couple the SHIELD with other 4K-enabled aspects, which means that the SHIELD is connected to not only the TV but the cable for the connection between two are also required. It’s said that if all are 4K-compliant, then the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV models produced in  2015 and 2017 can now meet most, if not all, it seems your 4K streaming needs.

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