Qualcomm Announces New Audio Platforms For Speakers & Headphones

The virtual assistants have been rising for a few years now, which has made a transition for the market’s trend. Amazon was the first manufacture with its Echo products, but after that, it’s the increase in competition from Google, Samsung and even Andy Rubin’s Essential. These companies realize the smart home speaker is a potential market, and now Qualcomm wants to help OEMs make more with them.

According to the latest announcements, Qualcomm is really targeting on two different features. One of them is multi-room audio streaming. The compatible speakers will be able to play synchronized music, songs through different speaker zones, and even multi-channel wireless sound in the same room. The second area of focus on the Smart Audio Platform is with the virtual assistants.

Qualcomm will provide advanced far-field voice technology to OEMs so that their products can reduce the noise with special algorithms, cancel out echo. The company did further things this week as well as announced the audio platforms for what is called the next generation of wireless speakers, and headphones. This appears in the form of new SoCs for audio, which is tailored to support the demands of different markets.

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The CSRA68100 is created for Bluetooth wireless speakers, including the next generation Audio Development Kit (ADK6.0), so developers can have a Bluetooth SIG qualified apps and profiles on hand. Besides, Qualcomm also introduced the WHS9420 and WHS9410 single chip USB audio. These are specifically compatible with USB-C when connecting audio devices as the company realizes that the USB Type-C is getting a standard in the products.

Qualcomm hopes its WHS9420 and WHS9410 chips will  be equipped on all three prices ranges from entry level and high-end. While the WHS9420 can  support with up to 192kHz/24-bit audio, the WHS9410 will be used on entry level product.

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