Samsung Expected to Be Developing In-House GPU for Mobile Devices

Coming back to 2015 when Samsung was reportedly expected to release its own GPU for the mobile devices. However, after two years past, the company still uses the ARM’s Mali GPUs for its Exynos chipsets, and also keeps using Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs for some required markets such as the US market. But according to a leakster @IceUniverse on Weibo, Samsung is finalizing the development of its first in-house GPU, called “S-GPU”.


It’s not the first time that Samsung brings its own technology into its smartphones without having to wait for the agreement from other companies. The Korean OEM has already been integrating Exynos CPUs in its devices for almost every generation, starting from the first Galaxy series to the latest duo Galaxy S8. Samsung licensed the ARMv8 ISA from ARM to build the micro-architecture for the custom cores for newer chipsets, and they’ve mostly passed through the testing by being power-efficient.

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Until now there is no details about the S-GPU yet, and even the name could be changed when the product is rolled out. Last year, Samsung got a deal with Nvidia and AMD for obtaining the GPU-related licenses that are required to create the in-house chip. According to recent reports, the S-GPU is rumored to be equipped on next year’s flagship smartphones. If the rumor is true, Samsung will have to face with massive competition from other rivals including ARM, PowerVR, and Qualcomm. It’s not certificated whether the S-GPU will have enough power to compete with the Adreno or Mali GPU, but there is one absolute thing that Samsung won’t have to pay any money to other companies for using their GPUs. How about you? What do you think about its upcoming Samsung’s GPU? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.

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