Sprint To Finish Implementation Of LTE Cat 1 Technology In Mid-July

According to an announcement for Sprint, the company will complete its deployment of LTE Cat 1 technology across its nationwide network at the end of July. Mohamad Nasser, the General Manager of Sprint’s IoT Business Unit said at IoT World 2017 event that IoT, along with wireless and wireline was one of the three most important business lines for the Sprint Business portfolio. They had invested a lot of capital to ensure that Sprint was put in the best position to capitalize on the growth. He also said that the company would begin rolling out LTE Cat M technology as well as LTE Cat MB1 from next year.

LTE Cat 1 technology has already been found in many low-power IoT apps, but was asleep in devices most of the time. ATMs having a CCTV surveillance system are an typical example. This technology can get the speed at 10 Mbps, meaning it consumes less power than Cat 3 or 4 technology. LTE Cat 1 technology is also supporting industrial applications, and vehicle telematics. One the Cat 1and NB1 technology are fully deployed, they will be used in many areas. For example, they can  also be used to power devices such as wearable devices and industrial sensors.

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The giant communication service that is based in Overland Park is now the seventh largest provider of IoT devices. They said that they would continue to expand their portfolio. They currently own a large part of the 2.5GHz spectrum which will give them an enormous benefit when the 5G is deployed, though they are only using a quarter of the available spectrum. In the March this year, around 59.7 million connections were served and they were the first company to provide a wireless 4G service in US. Besides the plan of deploying LTE Cat 1 for Sprint, they has also announced some details about their plans for 5G deployment.

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