Sync “Do Not Disturb” Between Android Wear and Your Device

Android Wear 2.0 has now been available for some Android Wear devices such as the Moto 360 Sport, LG 360 Watch Sport Watch or the Huawei Watch. The update comes with a lot of improvements, including the ability to install apps directly from the Watch and a keyboard to reply to messages. However, there is a downside feature in this update is that “do not disturb mode” now no longer syncs between your Watch and your phone. So, in this tutorial, we’ll show the steps to sync do not disturb mode between your two devices.

How To Sync Do Not Disturb Mode On Android Wear 2.0

Before getting started, you will first need to set up adb on your watch. Once done, plug your watch to your computer and enter the following command in cmd.

adb connect

The depends on the address your device, which can be found under “Debug over Wi-Fi”. There will have a prompt after your computer connects that allows your watch to be debugged. After the connection, it’s time to set up the Phone.

  • To set it up, first you need to download the application, named “DND Sync for Wear” from the Google Play Store.
  • Once the app is installed, open it and turn on the “Do not disturb” from within the app. Now, your Android Wear watch will prompt you to install the application on the watch too.
  • Tap the notification and install it. If you don’t see any notification, launch the Google Play Store and scroll down to “Apps on your phone”. You can also search for the package name “weardndsync” on the Google Play Store to find the app on your watch.

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  • Once you have installed it, open adb and enter the following command.

adb shell settings put secure enabled_notification_listeners

That’s all you need to do! “Do not disturb” on your phone will now be changed to “do not disturb” on the watch. If you have any trouble, let’s know in the comment below.


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