The May Security Patch Rolled out for Some Pixel XLs

A build of the May security patch has been released for some Pixel XL owners, reporting that a new software update was available to download and install. The software update just took up 63MB of the inbuilt memory and according to the information in the screenshot below, the update brought the May security patch for devices. It’s surprising when Google sends out the software earlier than usual, but that isn’t the first time with the particular software, especially the update is only meant for internal use and the details are “confidential.”

As normal, if it is actually a new build of software including new features and other improvements to the operating system, this will make some users excited. However, this is just a security patch, and the rollout is only for the internal use, which means it’s not a good news for anyone who decided to install it as it likely isn’t available for public, which is a probably big reason explaining why this wasn’t supposed to be released for end users.

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There isn’t any information about the update included but if those who received and decided to install the software won’t be long before there is few information available to the rest of the public which is probably what Google doesn’t want as that could be bad for Google if there is any problems happening with the update. The update only appears on Pixel XL devices as the update alert notes that it’s meant for a Pixel XL, which could mean that the software for other Pixel versions is still a secret or they simply are not being tested. In either case, anyone who is expecting this update, will not have to wait long as it should be rolling out for people within the first week of May.

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