Unbox T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the introduction of the newly Samsung new Galaxy Note 8 today, T-Mobile has then given it a unique unboxing video, along with the hand-drawn details to show out the new features of the S Pen. The unboxing clip showed off things in the retail box of the phone, including the Galaxy Note 8 itself, an USB Type-C cable, an adapter charger, a T-Mobile SIM card and a SIM card removal tool, headphones, the S Pen, and two USB Type-C adapters for plugging peripherals. Such as keyboards or USB.

Des, the public face of T-Mobile, has the honor in the unboxing video. During the video, he talked about the new features as well as specs of the phone. Samsung Galaxy Note ran on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which Des emphasized the capability of gigabit speeds on T-Mobile’s network. He also did not forget to show the 3.5mm headphone jack, which nearly disappeared in flagship devices these days, and a MicroSD card slot. Furthermore, he also showed of the wireless charger, one of its accessories in the box. After that, he performed the excellence of the powerful dual cameras, with some pictures of his daughter blowing out the birthday candles, along with other photos.

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Des continued the video by dumping the phone into a bowl of water for 30 minutes. After the water test was completed, he talked about the wireless charger, the Gear 360 full-angle camera, the Gear VR headset. As his speech, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would fully work with all of the same accessories as the Galaxy S8, which means that VR fans who are looking to use their phones to record VR content or be productive anywhere. The video ended by showing the Note 8 in the bowl of water again.

What do you think about the new Samsung flagship smartphone? Will you get one yourself? Let’s know in the comment below.

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