Vertu’s Smartphones To Be Integrated TCL’s Technology

Vertu, the famous company for the hand crafted, highly expensive mobile phones, will absolutely be using the technology provided by a familiar business on the Android market. Vertu has recently confirmed that the company has got a deal with TCL Communication for using its tech inside Vertu’s upcoming 30,000 Android phones.


China-based TCL is currently taking responsibility for designing and manufacturing smartphones such as Alcatel and, recently, BlackBerry with the new KEYone smartphone. Vertu’s phones will still be hand made in its UK factory located in Church Crookham, Hampshire. The deal of the company with TCL is worth about $40 million. However, there are no specific details on the technology that Vertu’s phones will be equipped

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TCL is the first partnership of Vertu since the company was rebought in March by entrepreneur Hakan Uzan, a wealthy business in a Turkish family. At that time, Uzan paid for £50 million (about $63 million) to own Vertu. In the press release today, Vertu states that under his leadership, the company is restructuring its business to make it become a powerful global brand. The company also says that they will start selling the special edition Constellation X smartphones in the next mid-July this year.

It is great to see if Vertu can actually make profits with these deals and changes that are being managed by the new boss, Hakan Uzan. According to its last financial report, which was published in 2014, the company lost about £53 million. The press release today stated that Vertu’s new phones would have a price starting at £7,500 (about $9,500). Hopefully with this new TCL agreement, there will more chance to see higher end hardware specs in those phones, which have been criticized for many years by the consumer devices.

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