Virgin Mobile Stops Selling Android Phones

According to an announcement, Virgin Mobile has stopped selling Android smartphone as signing a deal with Apple to become the only iPhone retailor for an unspecified amount of time. A plan, known as “Inner Circle” will include unlimited calls, text, and data, as well as 100MB of roaming data and 800 roaming talk minutes offer. Furthermore, the plan also has discounts with a number of Virgin Group services, such as Virgin Airlines, provided that customers register before September 31. The plan normally prices at $50 per month but you can use it for a whole year for just $1 as part of a promotion until July 31. However, the promotion requires you a purchase of a new iPhone through Apple or Virgin. In case a customer exceeds the roaming limits, their̉ promotion can be removed by Virgin. And if a customer exceeds 23GB of data in a month, they will be lost their priority.

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The current Virgin customers will not have to upgrade or change devices, and new customers can still get a compatible Android device if they have already signed up for one before the deal. Until the deal with Apple ends, customers who want to buy a new Android phone and use on the Virgin Mobile will need to unlock your device from somewhere else. Virgin Mobile uses Sprint’s network, so any phone that could work on Sprint are also able to work on Virgin, provided that it’s unlocked.


According to Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, the move is to differentiate Virgin Mobile from the rest of the prepaid carrier which includes a major strategy change. Richard Branson, the Virgin Group founder said that the exclusivity deal with Apple would make a way for Virgin Mobile to “shake things up” in the wireless industry. Virgin will no longer need to pay for any retail space or developers for carrier customizations to Android phones, which helps the company save a lot of money. However, it’s currently not clear when the company will start selling Android smartphones and tablets again once the deal ends.


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