Vodafone India Releases iRoamFREE International Roaming Plan

According to a new post, Vodafone India has just released for its subscribers a number of new international roaming plans. The new plans, named iRoamFREE, are expected to offer the home-like tariffs while roaming in 47 countries. At least four different plans include in the new launch, and each of them will offer unlimited calls as well as high-speed data in the US, UAE and Singapore. In 44 countries left, outgoing calls will cost at very low Rs.1 (around 1.5 cents) per minute, while high-speed data will just be Rs. 1 per MB. Incoming calls, of course, in the total 47 countries will remain free. The plans will come in the form of pre-paid top-up, so you no need to concern about extra fees on the bills later.

According to the press release from Vodafone earlier today, the iRoamFREE pack will come with four different price-points. First is a Rs. 500 ($7.5) pack that is only valid for a day. Next is a Rs. 2,500 ($23) choice with the validity of seven days. The two plans left would be priced continuously at Rs. 3,500 ($38) and Rs. 5,000 ($75), and with the validity for10-days and 30-days. So if you are a frequent traveler, you can can select a flexible option allowing you to activate the iRoamFREE pack to enjoy the benefits automatically whenever you reach to the 47 countries on the list. The fee you have to charge for it will be Rs. 500 per day.

In the launch event of these new plans, Mr. Sandeep Kataria – the Director of Commercial of Vodafone India, states that these plans will help international travelers without having to change SIM cards every time they go abroad. And Mr Kataria hopes that these new plans will help the company retain its high-value customers in the coming days, like how Reliance Jio has been gaining momentum since the carrier joined in the Indian telecom space last year.

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