VoiceLabs Supports Messages To Amazon Alexa

Although Amazon has recently banned almost all types of advertising on its Alexa voice assistant, VoiceLabs has found a new way, which is called Sponsored Messages. They not only provide a necessary avenue of monetization to developers who are not paid for their work, but they are also interactive and bring a good advertising experience for developers’ Skills. Sponsored Messages are integrated in a number of Skills that cannot run traditional advertisements, which means they are able to help remain top developers in the ecosystem.

As for developer testimony VoiceLabs’ analytics platform has been a perfect for the Sponsored Messages in testing and has managed to maintain  at least some developers working on their Skills. The contents of ads will be from Wendy’s, ESPN, and Progressive Insurance. The interactive advertising platform will try to get new contents from more companies and more options for ad personalization in the future. For now, developers can get the information on user’s location, but they just can do it if Amazon grants them additional permissions. Developers can set the time for the advertisements of their Skills.

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There are now some major developers in the testing process including Federated Media, XAPPmedia, TWiT.tv, and Appbly, and they will be on board for launch. The list also includes a range of smaller independent developers. Until now, VoiceLabs has about 1,300 Amazon Alexa Skill developers as clients on their platform, and that number is expected to grow faster; and this move has essentially put VoiceLabs membership in the only way to monetization for many Skill developers. Any developer will first start signing up with the VoiceLabs’ analytics platform, then begin inserting ads in a certain Skill. Though ads in Skills is often showed to consumers less than other formats, the advertisements are inescapable, which means that  advertisers will have to pay a far higher sum than they often do with other forms of advertising.

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