Wear Side Button Simulator Added into Android Studio Canary

The rotary crown function button introduced in Android Wear 2.0 version have finally come to the Wear Simulator in the latest Canary edition of Android Studio. This means that a physical Android Wear 2.0 device will no longer be required for developers to test the behavior of a function that they have put into the rotary dial in their Wear app, so long as they have already been using it. The tester is now virtual, so it does not have to answer for hardware quirks. However, it will be effective when giving developers a better idea of what their app’s users can see when they use the rotary crown button.

The tester rotary crown button functions, which are found in the newest Canary version of Android Studio, is so easy to use. All a developer needs to do is grabbing a virtual handle with some clicks, or touch screen, and then giving it a crank. The handle found in the screen will show the side of a virtual Android Wear 2.0 device. When the button is cranked in a direction and the result will appear on a separate screen showing the front face of the device so that developers can make testing of functions easily for such a process.

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According to a recent announcement, Google recommends developers using the rotary dial to scroll the view in their app. With the Material Design guidelines and other examples released by Google, this will likely become one of the most common ways to use the dial. Like any other function of an Android Wear device available to the user, developers can mess around with the control of the rotary crown button as they want. Developers who want to do things like play a game, edit music tracks, adjust settings, and more… can use the new tester for the work.

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