Worlds Of Tomorrow Finally Hits Play Store


Finally, after a long wait, Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow has hit the Google Play to please fans. This time, the story in the game comes in form of the series, which means not all moments will be retellings of your favorite episodes. While the game will probably make you remind your childhood, the included cut scenes and in-game banter can occur back and forth between the characters designed for mobile platform.

There will be a handful of different game types. In this game, you’ll be able to build your own version of the New York from the show to against 16-bit combat against evil aliens that might do harm for your city. Characters are customizable by leveling up to increase their stats and abilities. Throughout this game you’ll characterized to play as Bender, Fry, Leela and others though you are not allowed to play all of them immediately. Some loadings will also be required before you play some of the characters.

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The game also lets you explore new galaxies and worlds, where you can open all manner of species. One of the best features is capturing the attention of gamers who enjoy being in control to make decisions, which will affect the overall outcome of the story, giving to Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow some replay value.

Although this adventure game is a free to play, it still contain some in-app purchases, similarly to  most free games these days, but they are not very obtrusive so you can play to your favorite content without worrying the bugs that might happen every five minutes to spend you real money. However, the in-app purchases are the optional,  so you can also play it without buying anything. If you feel interested with the game, you can pick it up from the Google Play Store on your device.

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